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Basic Handgun October 10, 2015 (Saturday)

This past Saturday, Rick Meure of Black Knight Training Group and One World Krav Maga athlete presented the Basic Handgun Course, Introduction to the Pistol. the Introduction to the Handgun class is an overview of handgun safety, operating principals and maintenance and safe weapon storage and practices. Participants ranged from the very beginner to advanced...
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Yellow Belt Promotions June 6, 2015 (Saturday)

Congratulations to our One World Krav Maga Athletes Syed, Brandon, Melissa, Julie, Dakota, Alex and James on their promotion to Yellow Belt. They showed hard work, focus and dedication, learning the Krav skills and demonstrating the skills. Outstanding! [huge_it_slider id="6"]...
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Green Belt Seminar April 11, 2015 (Saturday)

Green Belt Seminar! One World Krav Maga will be holding a Green Belt Seminar on Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 10AM-2PM. The Green Belt seminar will include practical, hands-on review of Krav Maga movements from the basic up to green belt tasks. This Seminar will conclude with the belt test.  ...
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