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Thanksgiving Schedule

Thanksgiving Schedule at One World Self Defense and Fitness: There will be no classes for the Krav Maga Program. CrossFit One World will hold a 10am session, and open gym until 1:00pm. Happy Thanksgiving, One World Self Defense and Fitness Family!  

meThanksgiving Schedule

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One World Annual Christmas Party

The One World Annual Holiday Party is Coming!! When: December 2, 2017 (Saturday), 6:00pm – when everyone leaves Where: One World Self Defense and Fitness We are going to have the annual White Elephant Raffle. Kids and Adult gifts are separate. The gift should be no LESS than $24.99. Wear your best white outfit. Come ready to drink, play games,


meOne World Annual Christmas Party

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Women’s Only Self Defense Seminar

How would you react ?? ! ! Lean techniques on how to protect yourself, defend yourself and get away to safety… One World Krava Maga will be hosting a FREE self-defense seminar for WOMEN ONLY. It is totally FREE for One World Members and Non-Members alike! One Worlders, spread the word to your girlfriends…This is an awesome opportunity brush up


meWomen’s Only Self Defense Seminar