About Us


One World Self Defense & Fitness is a corporation registered under the name Five Families Martial Arts, INC.

The name “One World” was chosen to reflect the different styles of martial arts from around the world we offer, and it also reflected our belief that when you step into One World, everyone is equal. There is no race, religion, political or moral views when you walk through our doors. We are all just there to train and have a good time.

One World offers Alpha Krav Maga, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Eskrima, Wrestling, Core Boxing, Cardio Core Kickboxing, fight conditioning, full contact sparring, Olympic Weightlifting, One World Barbell Club, Youth Olympic Weightlifting, Private Coaching, Yoga and Crossfit Gymnastics.

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What They Say About Us

“I have never been more motivated, seen results quicker, or felt stronger than I do now.

Carl T. Mosby III

“If anything can wake me up at 6am to hit the gym, it’s been Crossfit One World


“I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to One World!


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