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Body Spec DexaScan November 2018

Body Spec DexaScan is back at One World!

November 10, 2018
One World Self Defense and Fitness
One World Barbell Club
33415 Western Avenue
Union City, California

Schedule your next DexaScan soon, space is limited and open to the public.


A BodySpec DXA scan is a comprehensive snapshot of your body. More than just a body fat test, we break down your body region by region into fat, muscle, and bone. Afterwards, you’ll receive a 6-page report detailing your body composition.

Knowing your individual body composition is a powerful tool.
Pinpoint exact fat loss and muscle gain in response to diet/exercise changes
Optimize your training to suit your body’s specific needs
Compare your bone density and health to others like you
Scan regularly to quantify your improvements.
See your body change over time with our automatic progress tracking
Assess long-term health risks through fat distribution visualization and ratios

meBody Spec DexaScan November 2018