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BodySpec January 2018

Body Spec’s is back!

Body Spec will be coming back to One World on 1/27. Start your new year off right by scheduling your scan now. This event is open to the public so reserve your spots early.

BodySpec DexaScan
Sat 8:30 AM ยท Crossfit One World & Self Defense – Krav
33415 Western Avenue, Union City CA
(510) 324-8153


What is a BodySpec scan?

A BodySpec DXA scan is a comprehensive snapshot of your body. More than just a body fat test, we break down your body region by region into fat, muscle, and bone. Afterwards, you’ll receive a 6-page report detailing your body composition.

Knowing your individual body composition is a powerful tool.

  • Pinpoint exact fat loss and muscle gain in response to diet/exercise changes
  • Optimize your training to suit your body’s specific needs
  • Compare your bone density and health to others like you

Scan regularly to quantify your improvements.

  • See your body change over time with our automatic progress tracking
  • Assess long-term health risks through fat distribution visualization and ratios


-from Jen Thayer

meBodySpec January 2018